Street fighter – Sakura Kasugano

A huge project and special illustration are coming, the result is that I have a negatice budget until August. Wont be able to ask any more commission and that soudn really bad, I found two great artists to make another piece for “Where is my pokemon?” project (MiZun and xxxx52) but must hold commissions for the moment and look for free requests.

Talked about projects but will be time to show them. A new video will come on July, stay turned… ^^


Today another lovely piece and duo from hyokagami (I love how tound that name). A really kind and talented artist who live in Mexico and accepted to take part of my project with a powerfull idea: Smash bros. vs Capcom and it’s time to Sakura Kasugano (street fighter) to enter the battle… Everybody can imagine how will be this battle but only hyokagami have to true power to decide how it will end… Personally I’ll encourage Rosalina for sure… °w°

hyokagami made a beautifull piece, Rosalina and Sakura close to have a lonf and sensual kiss, I love that romantic feeling, more powerfull than just something hot or sexy because they are naked. The embarassed Luma also add a cute and funny touch to the illustration, for sure they don’t often see their mama is this kind of situation… XD

At start I was really looking at colored illustrations for the blog, for me Black and White illustration were only for sketch and look like something unfinished but this kind of drawing can also be amazing. hyokagami really have a nice style and is really talented with body anatomy, there is some other artist who only draw B&W illustrations and at the end it really don’t need color cause they made it perfect.

Albeit, the only error that hyokagami made is to draw Rosalina and Sakura with the same size, for sure Rosalina must be taller but that’s not really the think I worry about… The more important is that the illustration look amazing, thank so much hyokagami… (^o^)/

The only think that I feel bad it that hyokagami never published anything since this drawing. I hope he’s just busy and everything fine but don’t hesitate to take a look to his Deviantart gallery (here) and give him a little comment… A nice message as if it’s short is always more powerfull for artists than hundred of views, you can be sure about that… ^^

Artist: hyokagami / Request

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