#435 – Solo – Lovely teen Rosalina


Next week it will be Japan expo at Paris, one of the rare con where I can go and put my Rosalina cosplay so for sure I’ wont miss it. I have a lovely friend who accepted I come at her house for the week-end and will be some powerfull guys so for sure it will be a amazing week-end. For sure I wont have time to manage the blog, I think I’ll prepare a publication but won’t be able to answer at messages for 3-4 days.

And once I’m back, I’ll work on the next blog video… I know it was more than 6 months since the previous one but less than 300 views, you can be sure it’s not really”encouraging”… U_u

A new Rosalina, really original this time, after wakabi who draw her as loli it’s time for originalskull to make her as a lovely teen. I’m not good to find someone else age but as me she’s like 16/17 yo… Totally agree if you dislike it and just want to name this pedophilia but I must admit that I love how she look with originalskull…  Thanks sooo much for your kindness and support…

Looking at Rosalina face, she can look kinda unexpressive but in other hand, as teen it give her a really lovely and innocent look, so cute that we can forget she’s naked (for a moment). originalskull really made an excellent piece. A lovely Roslaina that we want to protect, originalskull made her so adorable… °w°

At start originalskull planned to make 3 versions with this illustration, half dressed with/without background and naked without background. For the moment originalskull decided to make a redo and “testing to do it with heavy lines“. You can see on the right the second sketch that originalskull made. To be honnest I have a little preference for the first version but I think this new one can work better with his style. What your opinion?

Now if you want to see more from originalskull, don’t hesaitate to take a look to his gallery, for sure there is so much loli series with Penny, Gwen, Hit gitl or Lilo as exemple (I sure you know these lovely girls). Like his gallery I really thought he will make Rosalina younger but this version is really the best. Thanks so much originalskull… (^o^)/

Artist: originalskull  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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