#375 – Solo – Rosalina Dakimakura

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Damn, it’s now really hard to find artists who accept to contribute as request to the project compared to the begining of the blog two years ago. It was a publication each 2 day and now one each 3 days. Don’t mean nobody participate, I still have an amazing support from friends and artists, it’s a huge thanks for you.

Day after day, money is more and more important, artists can’t spend hours with a drawing and finish with empty hands so they focus on commissions. I created some rules and a budget and actually, I can’t ask more commissions until next year. I had to cheat and don’t include Mavruda’s site membership (mydirtydrawings.com) and Tallon‘s birthday gift but they really deserve it so budget or not, I’ll do it… XD


New illustration, it’s a solo Rosalina but don’t mean this illustration by quamp is not fuckign amazing. I’m sure everybody know what is a dakimakura: ‘It usually have life-size pictures of anime characters or pornographic film actors, often in suggestive poses”. Why this one is so important? Because it’s the first dakimakura with Rosalina… How powerfull… (^o^)/

Not the first time quamp participate to the Rosalina x Girl project, he also made a pairing with Noel Vermillon from Blazblue that you can see on the right. If you want to see the full post an know more about this piece just click here or on the illustration… That’s easy… ^^

In fact quamp published a journal saying he do dakimakura as free request but only for character who were never drew in that way. quamp was a little surprised and septic when I said that no one exist with Rosalina (what a pity). He tried to find one but nothing came so he accepted my request and here is the result. I hope you like it guys and once again, thanks so much quamp… (^o^)/

If you are interested, quamp is still open for dakimakura requests, like the journal on his profile (see it here) so who not suggest your favorite girl but before request, don’t forget the main rule: “There must NOT already be an official Dakimakura of the character“. You can talk with him in english or spanish… Any idea where he’s from?

Artist: Quamp / Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: <a href="/?p=284"Just me as Rosalina

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