#356 – Solo – Rosalina Cowgirl milking

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There is something I wanted to do, something I wanted to say… But… I forgot it… what a professional introduction… Nevertheless there is one thing I will never forget (don’t worry it’s not the only): Rosalina’s birthday… (^o^)/

Rosalina appeared for the first time on Noverber 1st in Japan with the Game Mario galaxy. I discovered her several month after when the game was available in France and now I can’t forget this so beautifull character. Nothing special planned, I think I’ll ask for some commissions but don’t hesitate if you want to contribute… Oh yeah… °w°


For people who don’t know, I have to admit that I have a huge fetish for cowgirl outfit, especially with chaps. In fact I have ton of fetishes like wet/transparent clothes, lingerie, high heels, dildo, messy body but I really love cowgirls and see Rosalina dressed like this is so powerfull… If a day I find a girlfriend you can be sure she will have to wear it for Halloween… At start… XD

New beautifull Rosalina I commissioned to Mancharm, He’s really amazing and talented, if you take a look to his gallery you must see so many girls who look so sexy and adorable at the same time. I asked more informations about commissions rules to Mancharm. at start it was 80$ (so much expensive for me) but he sent me an other mail saying he do “special pricing right now due to some medical stuff” and it as 20$ for a single girl. You can imagine it wasn’t easy to resist..

I really want to commission Mancharm in the future. Like my budget it wont be possible for Rosalina’s birthday (in fact not sure it will be possible for 2013) but I talked about the next project I have in mind and he seem to like it. This commission will be a great opportunity to have a Rosalina draw by Mancharm (I love his style so much) and if a day I come with a new commission I will be sure he already have some experience with the character… Eh eh… °w°

I have a huge fetish for the cow-girl outfit with chaps (I’ll say it again and again) so I asked to Mancharm a cowgirl rosalina. At start he published the first illustration you can see on the top but this was wasn’t the “true” illustration but like Mancharm said: “a for fun version”. I think he didn’t expected I love it so much… You are not the only with “special” fetishes Mancharm… ;p

Don’t hesitate to visit Mancharm profile, gallery and maybe ask him for a commission.  He also do livestream if you are interested and I planned to record him draw Rosalina for a speed-painting video but all the world don’t leave in France so not easy to be here at the same time as artists… Bwaaaa… U_u

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