#357 – Powerpuff girls – Sara Bellum

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So much to do for the blog, I have to Edit Your dream by Mavruda page, prepare one for Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st and also start the new pokemon project (I hope you will love it). Lot of work but I’m on my lazyness days, not good… U_u

I also found a job, I mean I wont have so much time to manage the blog but for my budget it will be a good new. For the moment it is negative so I really need to change that if I want to ask more commissions in the future.


I’m sure a lot already hear about the cartoon Powerpuff girls and of course Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. this series was really fun but long time I didn’t see it, I have a good memory and that’s the more important. Now it’s Aizawasilk who decided to pick a girl to the series to pair with Rosalina, more adult and more naughty: Sara Bellum… °w°

Aizawasilk did an amazing illustrations and it cn be sure this illustration was really unexpected. If you look at his blog (see it here), at start Aizawasilk was more into shota illustrations and a young boy sucking his father dick… Well… It’s not the same thing as a yuri drawing. Nevertheless girls has been back and Rosalina appeared on Aizawasilk‘s gallery. Oh yeah… (^o^)/

I love Sara Bellum, she’s a beautifull girl but have a really special style, especially for her hair style but she also have a particularity because her face is usually not shown throughout the series of the powerpuff girls, that’s why if you look at fanarts of her you have a lot of different versions. If really you wonder how she look you can see the screenshot on the right, it’s one of the brief appearance of her face. At start I thought it’s so bad that Aizawasilk don’t show more of her but he really keep the idea of the cartoon… Sorry for the spoiler my friend…

I always let artist free to choose the girl they wan’t to show with Rosalina. Sara Bellum was already on the wishlist but she’s not really famous as other girl so it’s was a really powerfull surprise to see Aizawasilk choosed her. Sara really know how use her two hands and Rosalina look amazing too, I love the pose, gorgeous body, sexy lingerie. she’s so sexy like this and I understand why Sara is so horny… Not easy to stay calm with a so beatifull and pervert princess…Thanks so much for this amazing piece Aizawasilk you did an excellent job… (^o^)/

Artist: Aizawasilk / Cost: 0$ (request)
Blog: www.hernandezaizawa.blogspot.com
Deviantart: www.aizawasilk.deviantart.com

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    heeey!! thank you! Love your site! Hope I can do another one soon!!


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