#341 – Solo – Racerqueen Rosalina

nintendo mario princess rosalina Racer queen sexy ecchi
Between management and enjoing the blog content (you see what I mean). I also tried perler beads with friend and it was a really fun moment so we decided to continue on that way buying more hama beads and we also created a deviantart account to show our creations and maybe do commission: beadmybixel.deviantart.com.

Nothing really intesting about the blog updates at the moment, I feel a little lazy with summer but there is new really beautifull and amazign illustrations done so stay turned guys…I also know who will be the 3rd artist for the event Your dream by… on october but for the moment prepare yourself to submit your ideas to Mavruda on September…


This time Rosalina don’t have time to meet a new girls, an important race to do (and win) but of course she found some time for a little photo session showing us her new kart and lovely ass..; Ok, in fact I thought to “sexy” but she’s still really beautifull and lovely too… ;p

A huge thanks to pinkunotori for this amazing piece. First time an artist draw Rosalina in the mario kart universe but it’s also a really important part of the character. She appeared on october 2007 on Mario galaxy and it’s her main place but mario kart is the only game when you can find her as a playable character… Not a surprise that I lvoe this game so much though I’m not really good at it… U_U

Pinkunotori really did an great job with this piece. A gorgeous and pretty Rosalina but I think the kart was also a huge part to draw. I really prefer the 3DS version, Rosalina look more beautifull than on the 3DS screen (though that’s powerfull see her in 3D) but she’s also incredible with her biker suit… Pinkunotori didn’t drew her original dress or biker outfit but as Racequeen she look amazing… Love this drawing… °w°

Don’t hesitate to take a look to pinkunotori gallery for more beautifull and damn sexy girls, you can also let a little comment, it must be a great support. Last details, there is something written in the road I can’t read, I’ll ask to pinkunotori what it mean but there is also a dick… what this… O_o

Artist: pinkunotori  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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Added to wishlist: Rayne from Bloodrayne (see it here)

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  1. Eromanboy

    My guess is that the text says Pinkunotori, since the first kana on the bottom is “no”, if I remember correctly. Also, the name pinkunotori probably means “Pink Bird”. …Maybe I’ve watched too much anime. xD

    Like the drawing. The idea is nice, and so is the excecution. :3


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