#333 – Solo – pretty and sexy

A new button appeared and I totally redid the link page (see it here). Now there is still friendly blogs and some I admire but also so affiliate site. If you join one of this site I will have a little commission and can use it for more commission but also contest and the event “Your dream by…”. don’t hesitate to take a look and thanks in advance guys… ^^

Don’t have a lot of photos from Japan expo, I forget my camera but thanks to Julia who made some photos. You can see her with me or if you are curious visit her deviantart account here. You can notice I hold the medallion, little problem with it and I have to made a new one for the next event, though I have time, not often I wear this dress… XD


In general Peach is more popular than Rosalina and there is a lot of fanarts with her but it’s more because she’s famous than more beautifull as Rosalina. The objective of the blog is to show how Rosalina is beautifull (and really sexy, must be honnest like this blog direction).  Midori-chan also have a little preference for Rosalina but like she said ‘this two are cutes“… Why Midori-chan? Because it’s her who drew this lovely Rosalina bust. Beautifull face, cute smile and a pervert touch, the result is so powerfull… Rosalina is so pretty and the fact she look embarassed make her more adorable and innocent. Thanks so much Midori-chan, I love this piece… (^o^)/

Yeah, I know than she have an adorable face but Midori-chan also give her awesome nipples. It remember me than I remove the dress of my Rosalina cosplay by the same way… Though it’s not so sexy and I look more flat, if only more girl do this cosplay… Not interested Midori-chan?  ;p

Don’t hesitate to take a look to Midori-chan profile on Hentaifoundry (here) or Deviantart (here) if you want to see more of her art (and you can be sure there is a lot of epic pieces). If maybe you want more, Midori-chan also accept commissions (soft and hentai). It’s like 4$ for a colored full body character but a little more expensive for an hentai piece. You can also send a message to Midori-chan for more informations… Oh yeah…. ^^

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Added to wishlist: 4 girl from Oh My Goddess! (see it here)

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