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Do you know Alice in wonderland, I’m exactly like the rabbit: ‘I’m late, late, late…‘. Need to hurry up a little that’s why it will be a publication per day for this week…

A little more than two weeks left before the end of the event Your dream by Vempire.It’s free and you can win a freee drawing by the amazing Vempire, don’t understand why you still hesitate to participate guys (click here and post your idea)…

New picture of my Rosalina cosplay with another crossplay (don’t know the character though) I think it will be the last I show us or more if you really insist… Enjoy it guys and comments are always welcome… ^^


After the winer of the Rosalian x Girl contest I did on deviantart (see it here) it’s now time to talk about soulkenh who reached the second place with his amazing pairing and idea. A really beautifull illustration, adding sexy girls and a funny touch, the result is just amazing, I hope you like it guys… ^^

soulkenh imagined Touko (also named Hilda) trying to capture a new “pokemon” after see Rosalina Luma but you can be sure Rosalina wont let her catch her precious baby with a pokeball. She didn’t know than a good pokemon trainer is ready to do everything to complete his pokedex so Rosalina or not (clothes or not) she wont stop so easily. I love your idea soulkenh and I’m glad you reached a great place… (^o^)/

I played a lot pokemon white and sometimes I had the idea than if I capture a Luma and hold it untill Rosalina come to retrieve him back. If it can help me see Rosalina I must try so Touko will give me a hand… XD

If you love soulkenh‘s art and want more, you must know than he have really interesting commission rules. A colored piece cost 25$ but it’s not just for one character, in fact it’s 25$ without character limit so for this price you can ask a drawing like this one or maybe and more girls but stay fair and don’t be a dumbwith soulkenh… Eh eh… ^^

By the way I’ll commission him too for a character sheet for the informations page (see it here), I’m sure it will be an amazing piece and reference a little more detaileld and sexy than the one I actually use… Can’t wait to have my budget allwing me to start this commission… °w°

Artist: Soulkenh / Cost: special contest

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Added to wishlist: 14 girls from final fantasy series (see it here)

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  1. Eromanboy

    The other cosplayer is Aikawa Ayumu from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. He is the protagonist of the series and has the power to transform into a masou shoujo, (Yes I really think it was masou not mahou.) and he is also a zombie.

    That a side, this drawing is not only well made, but also well thought. :3


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