#334 – OC – Luna

For the moment I’m not really working to create a new project (thought I have one huge in mind) but more on the reorganization of the blog. I changes some colors (yellow mean it’s a link), moved buttons and created a new one for the video page.

By the way there is a little new about the next video on the twitter page if you are curious. Just have to find the twitter button. I you know Larry (the bird) it wont be so difficult…… XD

Now I’m working on an “Archives” page and there is a new Luma avatar who appeared, don’t hesitate to use them (may I create an other series with Rosalina faces?)… And don’t forget, Rosalina is amazing but your support is the best, Love you guys…


Today a pic than I was sure I already published, looked at all post for an hour to see if I didn’t forget to put the post online but no… I just forget this commission I asked to mistershiggy. After her amazing Rosalina and Peach than you can see on the right I decided to commission her an other piece and as you can see mistershiggy did an amazing job… °w°

In fact mistershiggy don’t just draw simple illustration but also imagine a little story who make the drawing more alive, realistic and damn powerfull. If you are curious there is a little tentacle story than mistershiggy made and illustrate, you can see chapter 3 here and chapter 4 here. I must warn you than it’s a little special but I’m sure you will love the story and ideas… Oh yeah… XD

Back to Rosalina and her little friend, in fact this fairy is mistershiggy OC named Luna. A really lovely, magic and pervert girl than mistershiggy drew there is a long time ago and I really wanted to see her come back so I asked a commission involving these two girl in a messy situation. Dirty girl but in a yuri blog not often to have messy girls but there is some way to cheat… Eh eh… ^^

When I commissioned this picture to mistershiggy, I was sure than the result must be amazing but didn’t expected she will made a little story and it work perfectly with the situation. If you are curious guys you can read it in mistershiggy’s publication (see it here). And just for you, a little quote of the sexiest scene but it’s nothing comparate to the full story:

With a swift movement Rosalina plunged her pointer finger inside Luna’s tight pink pussy. Despite the clenching tight grip of surprise, Rosalina was able to get her entire finger inside of Luna’s now bulging and distended midsection. She was magical, after all, and magical stretchiness was a given.
Luna yelped and tried to pull away, but Rosalina leaned down as if to kiss her, and placed her lips tightly against the little fairy’s lips. But instead of kissing her, Rosalina squirted creamy liquid she had in her mouth, right into Luna’s suddenly full and expanding tummy. She French kissed the little fairy aggressively, filling her with warm liquid at the same time.

I hope you like it guys, don’t hesitate to visit mistershiggy for more epic drawings and stories. You can also commission her if you want she realise one of yoru pervert dream. As information sketches starting at $10, colored portraits/busts $20, full colored characters $40. Discounts available if you’re a fan… And if you are question, don’t hesitate let a little message, I’m sure she’ll be glad to answer you.

Artist: Mistershiggy / 60$ comission

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