Solo – Masochist time

If the weather is great I’ll finally be able to start the next video today, finally… So much things I want to say as if not sure everything will sound great for you but I have to make some changes on the blog and like some feedbacks I received I still need to do much more for the blog… Must thing to a new design.

I hope to be able post the video quickly and hear about your reactions… Oh yeah.. ^^


New illustration by the powerfull and talented Highzenberg and I’m not say it only to flatter him. If you are curious (I’m sure yes), feel free to take a look to his gallery and there is some excellent illustration. Also this Rosalina is amazing and one detail is amazing: the mirror. since I created the blog some artists tried to draw Rosalina in from of a mirror and Highzenberg is the first who succeeded…

An excellent style, great anatomy level and looking at his gallery you must admit there is so much details, the result is really powerfull and also love the idea but for this part the best is to quote Highzenberg description. “I always imagine Rosalina playing with her self,since a lot of the time she is missing from being a playable character“. Now it’s different with Mario kart and Smash bros. coming but Rosalina being a little masochist during her free time sound fun (and kinda hot too).. XD

I often imagined Rosalina using her wand for some naughty play and so much artists too, as simple dildo to use magic and give dicks to a Lumas army (it’s here) but never thought use it to spank. Now I’m wondering how I can miss this idea and feel so stupid but Highzenberg did it and his illustration is so powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness and all your eforts…`(^o^)/

Only 8 pieces on his gallery (for the moment) but Highzenberg really have an excellent style so feel free to take a look and why not let him a little comment. You can be sure when artist hear that people love their art it’s an amazing support but can work without a nice comment… As if it’s short don’t hesitate to give one to Highzenberg guys… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Highzenberg  /  Cost: 0$(Request)

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