Nintendo – WiiFit Trainer N°5

Slowly working on the next video. Not that I’m lazy (or just a little) but really busy with work and familial obligations. I’ll do my best to finish the video and publish it this week but subtitles are sooo long to add and  I rushed a little too much during record session. Don’t look really beautifull and there is some wind that’s will kill your ears… Really… U_u

For the moment I just let you a small logo, it will be the main project I’ll talk on the video and also the new one coming. Stay turned and enjoy your trip here… ^^


Once again Psicoero is back and I love so much his style that’s it’s always so powerfull show more Rosalina by him. Once my budget get better I must get some commissions again but so much artist I want to draw Rosalina and no money, must be patient and keep an eye on my favorite artists… ^^

This illustration is the second part of the trainer commission to Psicoero (can see first on on the right). At start I only planned one drawing but he made epic sketches and it was hard to choose (impossible to be honest) so I finally wanted him to finish both illustrations. I hope you like the result guys.

This time only a wet version but it’s this messy touch I love in Psicoero art I don’t see it as problem. I know it’s like there is a little too much juice to be real but it’s a great alternative for a dirty touch without man and cum and artists have the power to make all fetishes and dream come true, must be stupid always stay close to realistic and I really love this illustration Psicoero made, no need to change…

Two gorgeous ladies, sexy suits, nice toys, kinky fingers and so much love juice. Adding a fun touch with a crazy Luma who discovered what her mama mean by training the result is excellent. Remember me someone telling me that these two toys can be only one in fact… Ewww… Don’t really like that idea, that’s a little too much special for me… XD

Once again if you are curious, you can also tale a look on Psicoero‘s gallery. Also feel free to ask him for commission if you like his style. You will be amazed by all efforts he put on each illustrations to make it perfect… Oh yeah… °o°

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$

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Next to come: Sexy sketchy pin-up…

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