#475 – Late overdue publication

Maybe because I’m in the mood or have to much to do this week but I have motivation to work on the blog. After this one there is still 2 illustration and a new page planned for this week, you can’t really say that the blog look dead or inactive and I’ll do my best to be sure you will never have to think that..

Thanks for people who bought the Rosalina’s delivery Service comic (chapter 2), I received really nice feedback so you can be sure you will enjoy it. This chapter have 10 pages comic + 9 pages cover/bonus, I already made the script the next chapter and it must be like 19/21 pages only for story so really bigger and still so intense for the same price. Just need that sales of this first comic help to found this next chapter (who may cost at last 330$) so don’t hesitate get your copy here… ^__^


Today it’s time to show you a simple but lovely illustration I received from Sorakie after the duo with Shura from blue exorcist. (just click on the illustration to see the best or just look two publications on the bottom). He made a really pure and sexy Rosalina, as if her right eye isn’t hidden by her hair lock we can still notice it recognise Rosalina. Also like all troubles I have with my cosplay on the stairs it’s really more comfortable in that way… Thanks for her Sorakie… XD

Sorakie really made an excellent piece, the mix into that calm and lovely face to these perfect breasts, that’s damn powerfull… Maybe sound pervert but it’s the best part of the illustration, they are just perfect on Rosalina and I’m sure not the only to think that. Thanks so much Sorakie… (^o^)/

A lovely duo and sexy pin-up, I feel so bad that Sorakie had to wait soooo long untill I publish his art here and now seem to be inactive but feel free to take a look to his DeviantArt gallery (here), some much adorable and pretty sexy ladies (love his cowgirl he made as art trade).

Artist: Sorakie  /  Cost: 40$
Deviantart: www.sorakie.deviantart.com

One year ago: Solo – Rosalina dakimakura
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