#220 – Solo – Dark Queen Rosalina

2 days before Rosalina’s birthday, I’m soooo excited, don’t know if I can make a new post tomorrow… I’m really happy to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday but if artists forget or are to busy to participate, it will be sooo bad… I’m really scary about that too… Tomorrow must be really hardcore or Wonderfull… Maybe…

Tomorrow it’s Halloween and I think it’s the moment to show you this dark Rosalina by the awesome and lovely Bunnyholic… Her first contribution was Rosalina and her OC Gala (see it here) and she come back with a new drawin of my favorite princess… Thanks so much Bunnyholic…. (^o^)/

this time it’s a solo Rosalina, The previous post was the shadow Queen from Mario paper and Rosalina like this really remember me this character, she’s dark, she’s scary, she want to kill you…. Bwwaaaa… Help me… T_T

Sorry guys, it’s not porn but I hope you like it, I have other dark Rosalina in the blog like this one on the right by Suuxe (see the entire post here) but I think this one is the more expressive, colors, clothes and Rosalina face all suggest this time she’s not the lovely adoptive mother of these cute Lumas, be carrefull guys… And thanks again Bunnyholic, you’re so nice… ^^

Artist: Bunnyholic / Cost: 0$ (request)

New wishlisted girl: Elise from League of Legends

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