Rosalina birthday on 1st November
Yeah, in 1st november, it will be Rosalina’s birthday. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character… It was on 1st november 2007 so this year Rosalina will have 5yo… Now I must find artist who are interested to participate at this event, and maybe if you are curious about this, don”t hesitate send me a message or leave a comment… ^^


  1. Nizam Pac

    events? what are the activities?

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      I think it wasn’t the best word… It’s just for artists who want to make a drawing for the blog with Rosalina’s birthday at subject and let him decide what girl(s) can make a gift to Rosalina… And what gift… ^^


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