#397 – Pokemon – Nurse Joy N°2

I tried to caught two kiribans on deviantart, was looking at them for a long time. I’m sure I was the faster and you can be sure I was really happy about that but they didn’t ended how I expected… For the first kiriban the artist had trouble with the order, can’t find the first with notes and comment so no winner… Damn, first bad new…

The other was also really stupid and crazy. The artist sent me a message saying me I was the 3rd. The surprising detail is that the girl who posted her message AFTER me received a comment saying she was second… Both were really confused and you can be sure I have a huge doubt about the winner… I thoughts I will have two beautifull Rosalina pieces for the blog and lost everything… So sad… U_u


After the illustration FedoGrim made for the Rosalinaxgirl contest last year (pic on the right), Rosalina decided tomeet Nurse Jjoy again. This new one was made by xxTheCasualArtistxx who had the kindness to accept to contribute to the blog. As always I do my best to let the artist more freedom I can so the second girl must be a surprise and I must admit it was a really powerfull surprise… XD

 I really love xxTheCasualArtistxx‘s drawing, Both ladies are gorgeous, so beautifull, really expressive faces and of course a sexy touch to make it epic for all little perverts arround here… I don’t really know the original idea but it’s like Rosalina and Joy wanted to see who have the best ass. AS me they are ex-aequo but it seem Rosalina was a little too confident and didn’t expected Joy to be so powerfull as her… don’t know if it’s what xxTheCasualArtistxx had in mind but I kinda like this idea… ^^

If you like sexy ladies and huge ass, don’t hesitate to take a look to xxTheCasualArtistxx gallery (here). So much gorgeous ladies and lot of great illustrations. One of my fav is Samus spanking Wiifit trainer but there is so much pieces that you can be sure find some illustration you will love… And once again xxTheCasualArtistxx, thanks so much for your kindness and this amazing piece… (^o^)/

Artist: xxTheCasualArtistxx  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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  1. xxTheCasualArtistxx

    Nice blog you have here and thank you. 🙂 I will draw more Rosalina fan art and other Nintendo fan art in the future. please stay tune 😉


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