#396 – Original Character – Dee

Deviantart is really crazy, I know a lot of artist who had their art deleted because of Hentai illustration. At start the solution was to show a censored version and add a link to the uncensored to be quiet. Now if you look at D.A. rules, links to adult or hentai content is not allowed so if there is a link on the description, the publication is deleted.

Now Deviantart is more crazy again and don’t take the time to clean “bad illustrations” but delete the entire account. As example kozuki-kallen who drew the impressive breasted Rosalina (here) lot his account a few day ago… Take care of you guys… U_u


Now a little drawing by agentsmut for Rosalina’s birthday… This time it’s the beautifull naughty demon Dee who come at the party to give Rosalina a birthday blowjob. You can be sure if I publish it now it mean I completley to publish it before, I’m really sorry about that agentsmut… U_u

Dee is agentsmut‘s original character, I really her design and as you can see Dee is a little devil. In fact I don’t have so much information about her, I would have to ask more infos to agentsmut but I really late with the publication so wont wait longer to publish it. Maybe I’ll upload the blofglater if I have some interesting details about Dee but for the moment if you want to see more of her just take a look to agentsmut’s gallery… I’m sure you will love it… XD

Little quote from agentsmut”s publication; “Some people like cake for their birthday. Some don’t. Don’t judge“. Not sure Rosalina expected this present but from a devil girl it was sure she wont receive a cute and kind gift. It start with a little blowjob but we can imagine it will be damn hot after that… I love dildos but the strap-on is really the best to give some naughty and hard action… Prepare yourself Rosalina, I’m sure Dee don’t plan to be gentle… ^^

Thansk so much agentsmut for this powerfull birthday piece and once again, I’m soooo sorry for the long wait. Like Rosalina birthday I had to publish your illustration the day I received it but don’t know why I missed it… Raaaaah… T_T

Artist: Agentsmut  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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