#398 – Original character – Cleo

Only 8 days left before the end of the free suggestion contest “Your dream by…” Don’t forget that you just have to post an idea as comment and if Mavruda love your idea, he will draw it… If there is a girl you would love to see with Rosalina or have some fetishes don’t hesitate to participate… Oh yeah..

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Today a line I received as gift from the amazing Empty (yeah, that’s an original name) who is the opposite of his blog. In general I prefer colored pieces than just lines but Empty’s blog (here) never stop to amaze me. so much really powerfull and surprising illustrations, there is some fetishes like girls with suspenders (here) and there is also some naughty cowgirl… And I love so much cowgirl outfit… °w°

this time Empty decided to pair Rosalina with one of his original lady: Cleo. And for more infos about this illustration I’ll cheat a little and quote the original publication on Empty‘s blog… “Just another little pic for Harmonie_Rosalina.  Nothing fancy, just my OC CLEO and Rosalina.  I always found the amusing little clip-on apparatus, so I decided to see how they look if we did that.  Just the coat/jacket, the clip-on shirt, maybe a tie, skirt and stocking… hm… can’t go wrong with that. :p”.

In fact I didn’t know that Empty drew another Rosalina. I was lookign at his blog and with the preview I though “Damn, this girl look like Rosalina” and it was an amazing surprise. I love the idea with Rosalina as Cleo’s sexy secretary who want to have a little fun with her mistress. Jacket look amazing and a powerfull sexy touch, the fact she’s removing her panty also make Rosalina damn hot… She’s gorgeous, so beautifull, so sexy, so powerfull… Cleo is really more lucky than she can imagine… XD

If you want to see more about Empty you can find his other Rosalina illustrations here. Also for his comple art there is Deviantart (here) and for more naughty stuff just check his Hentaifoundry account (here) or personnal blog (here). For the moment Empty didn’t published something new for 2014 but I’m sure he will be back.

Artist: Empty  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)
Deviantart: http://emptyani.deviantart.com
Blogspot (18+): http://emptyhollowed.blogspot.ca/
Hentaifoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Empty/profile

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