#399 – Pokemon – Kimono sylveon

Less than a week left before the end of Your dream by… contest. Mavruda was really busy this month so he let me publish january wallpaper on HentiFoundry (here). The problem is that Hentaifoundry was a little long to approve my publication so it’s now a little late.

I hope people will notice it and also participate to the contest. Don’t forget that you can win an illustration draw by Mavruda pairing Rosalina (of course) with your favorite lady. Also time to show us our fetishes guys… ^^


Today a lovely illustration commissioend by Tallon to the amazing izka-197. I found her gallery because a lovely Kimono eevee (on the right). I think it’s because this so adorable gijinka that I wanted to pair Rosalina with some pokemon ladies, now there is the project “where is my pokemon?” but your must know that the first girl I wanted Rosalina meet was Eevee and this drawing by izka-197 is the main reason…

In fact I was never able to commission her, my budget was always kinda dead but she drew  some Rosalina illustrations for the blog, all commission by Tallon who contributed so much to the blog, he’s so powerfull… so after a lovely Roslaina (here) and cute duo with me for my birthday (here), Tallon commissioned izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dram who become true… (^o^)/

First time I see Rosalina wearing a kimono and I must admit the result is amazing, izka-197 did an excelelnt job with this illustration, each kimoni having some details in reference to the orignal character. I also love Rosalian face, this expression make her so adorable, she seem to really love this new outfit and I must admit it look perfect on Rosalina… I hope you like it too guys… °w°

Don’t hesitate to take a look to izka-197‘s profile and gallery, so much damn beautifull and adorable pieces.  There is a lot of pokemon ladies I love and she also drew some cute chibis, cynthia is my fav, sooo cute… It seem that Tallon often commissioned izka-197 and you will find some pieces of his ladies, the last one featuring Tess, willow and angel with some lovely kittens… °w°

Artist: izka-197  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)

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