#465 – Pokemon – #135 Jolteon

No Halloween publication this year, simply cause my budget is actually dead but that’s not the only reason. In fact on November 1st it will be Rosalina’s birthday so if I had to ask for some illustrations it must be for this event. Already received some piece and I’m so excited, can’t wait to show them so stay turned guys… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Also made a huge edit on wishlist page (here), removed some dead links, added more girls and added all recent illustrations published. It’s really the best place to see all ladies who already met Rosalina and you will notice that some series are kinda popular…


Now time to talk about today publication who will increase the collection of “Where is my pokemon?” project, Jolteon is the 14th pokemon who meet Rosalina, still so far than the 721 existing (and I don’t count Mega Evolutions) but it slowly increase. A huge thanks to VD-DV for this really original illustrations. I agree his name sound curious too, must ask him where come from from VD-DV.

So, back to the illustration, at start it’s Rosalina with Eevee evolution: Jolteon, the original detail is both suits who are not from Mario or Pokemon universe, Nothing nintendo in fact. Those are designed like plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangelion. (really). And to explain why I’ll just quote VD-DV answer: “a suit from the anime “neon genesis evangelion” i’ve seen theyr suits and i thought “damn those would look really good for my next request“.

It was unexpected but really more original and surprising in that way. VD-DV had the kindness accept my request and take part to the project without stop or report what he planned and it’s finally a powerfull mix. I remember that in Neon Genesis Evangelion was the really limited time of battery power, just put a Jolteon and problem solved. Also, VD-DV gave a plugsuit to Rosalina so it’s the moment for some fun with ladies of the series… °w°

Once again thanks so much VD-DV, both are so beautifull as if Rosalina is the best for sure. The combo with Evangelion suit make it really original and I love so much Eevee and her evolutions so that powerfull to have now Jolteon who join the collection. A Vaporeon will come soon btw and if you are curious you can find all pokemon ladies on “Where is my pokemon?” page. Enjoy…

Artist: VD-DV / Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: [Comic] – Happy (sexy) Halloween party
Next to come: Rosalina’s birthday (^o^)/

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