Paper Mario – Vivian N°2

Because of illustrations waiting since a long time, I’ll have to publish faster for a moment. So for a week it will be a new illustration each two day but it wont be easy, I’m so busy at work and sick, that’s so hard. don’t worry, I’ll do my best to stay alive… ^^

Like my to-do list, Sunday it will be a trio with Peach ad Daisy (really naughty piece) and Tuesday I’ll show you the winner of “Your dream by…” for the moment you can already find it on Mavruda‘s site if you can’t wait… ^^


Today it’s time to show you a really interesting and original artist: LinkLink. AS you can see on his illustration he have a special style and the more surprising is not really the illustration but the way he drew it. In fact LinkLink don’t use a tablet like other artists in genéral but his “3DS using the COLORS 3D app“. I already saw this software on the Nintendo show and know I know that we can make Rosalina with it… how powerfull… °w°

And now for everybody who already played “Paper Mario”, I’m sure you recognize this futa lady. She’s Vivian and it seem that she wanted to have a little fun in Rosalina’s universe. I love LinkLink‘s illustration, He drew Rosalina and vivian so sexy as crazy. I love Rosalina face and also this pervert Luma who decided to join this party… XD

I already had an illustration with Vivian (picture on the right). that’s really interesting to see how depending the artist and his style the same character can look so different. As if there is always Rosalina each new piece is always a huge surprise, sometimes not so fun when I receive a Rosalina and Bowser piece but in this case I love the result. Thanks so much LinkLink… (^o^)/

Now if you want to see more from LinkLink don’t hesitate to take a look to his Hentaifoundry profile (here) or his Tumblr (here). Just be carefull about a detail because if you take a look to LinkLink gallery you will see that he’s really more into shota illustration. I was really surprised he accepted to participate to the blog like his regular art, thanks again.

Artist: LinkLink  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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