#351 – Original – Lily

It’s not easy to find new artist on HentaiFoundry but I also on deviantart and I fous so really pleasants artists who accepted to contribute to the project. I just received a Dakimakura and there is some illustrations in progress. for the moment I don’t have idea about these illustration but I’m sure they will be amazing… Oh yeah… ^^

Now 6 participants the the event Your dream by… and an amazing surrpise from Mavruda. He decided to cheat a little and already drew an idea, you can be sure the result is so powerfull bu the event is not over for the moment, don’t forget to participate and suggest the girl you would love to see with Rosalina (it’s here).


When I created the blog, I never thought to pair Rosalina with a furry or futa. At start I wasn”t really into this style but after two year things changes and now I know they can be really powerfull too… I don’t want to see a man with Rosalina (better for a yuri blog) so a futa can add the messy touch and for furies I thought they look a little too much “special”, I was wrong because there is a lot of so powerfull and lovely characters like TheDarkestBliss OC: Lily.

TheDarkestBliss have a great style and so much adorables characters (you must see her gallery) and I really wanted to commission her to draw Rosalina and also have one of her girl who join the collection. With the project I discovered so much amazing artist and also incredible characters. So happy to publish this new one, thanks so much TheDarkestBliss… (^o^)/

I really love this illustration, Rosalina look so cute and adorable with that cow-girl outfit (I have a huge fetish for cow-girl with chaps) and the situation make her a little pervert but still so lovely. TheDarkestBliss also creaeed a beautifull girl, Lily she look adorable and innocent but with these sexy beasts we must be a little horny…

As you can see TheDarkestBliss made a really adorable Rosalina but behind this innocent face it “seems Rosalina has a plan”… Now what will happen new, I let you free to imagine the rest and that’s a really owerfull part of the illustration. Let your imagination and dream make this drawing alive but please be nice with Lily or be careful of TheDarkestBliss… XD

Artist: TheDarkestBliss  /  Cost: 150 D.A. points

One year ago: Solo – Sexy Rosalina (as always)
Added to wishlist: Nami from League of Legends (see it here)

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