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I fixed some errors on the wishlist, if you see the original code you must see how it look sketchy comparate to a true code but the more important as me is not to make something who look great but I can use easilly. After all I don’t have software or other, just a .txt file I update before copy/paste to blogger. soemtiems there is somes erros sont don’t hesitate to notice me everything weird.

Two weeks before the end of the second edition of Your dream by… Mavruda. for the moment there is only 4 participants and that’s worrying. If the event finish with less than 10 participant I wont continue it (or hold it for a moment). I’ll try to make some publicity on Deviantart groups and Hentaifoudnry forum but I really need your help… Contribute and promote will really help the blog.


>Damn, I have so much troubles to find new artists recently. My budget don’t really help me to ask powerfull commission and I can’t deny I have a really powerfull helper. A huge thanks to Tallon who help me grow the collection. This time he commissioned DeadFace (another scary name but pleasant artist) to draw his OC Foxi and Rosalina having a fun and sexy moment together… XD

I’m sure you are curious about what Rosalina have in her hands and also what happen. Instead of a long explanation I’ll cheat and quote DeadFace‘s description: “If you are wondering what’s going on, Foxi’s favorite dish is Fried Chicken. Rosalina is basically bribing Foxi to do her bidding“. Some chicken and a girl who is ready to give her lot of fun to eat some, what a powerfull deal for Rosalina… Now I hope you will remember at this drawing after see a KFC restaurant… Mwahahah

DeadFace really did a powerfull job with this drawing, two sexy girls, lovely faces, fun expressions, little toy and and unexpected situation. There is a lot of surprise and I love the result, Rosalina face is so adorable and I love the background, like a huge galaxy bed. Foxi is a really lovely character and don’t hesitate to visit DeadFace‘s gallery on his Hentaifoundry account (here) for more illustrations about her (there is a cool gif) and a lot of great surpises. There is also a Tumblr account (here) is you prefer it, the more important is not the place you choose but a little fav or comemnt is always a great supprot for artist… Oh yeah…

If you want DeadFace to draw something for you, you can ask him a request (more infos here) but there is only one slot open and it will be really hard to be here when it’s free. You can also commission him like Tallon do (Commissions infos here). Like his rules a commission like this cost 21$ (12$ +9$ for aditional character). You can also commission DeadFace take make an animation but that’s not the same prices… ^^

Artist: DeadFace / Cost: ??? (Requested by Tallon)
DeadFace Tumblr: www.hells-motel.tumblr.com
DeadFace Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/DeadFace/profile

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