#117 – OC – Butterscotch

I love Original characters, they are often really nice, original (of couse, it’s an OC) but they often have pretty funny name… So this time it’s Butterscotch below to Spyglass a nice HentaiFoundry artist who accept drawn Rosalina as request and experiment Butterscotch. So it’s the 15th OC who meet Rosalina, I’m so happy with my blog… (^o^)/

About Butterscotch, Spyglass don’t like the way she turned out so he’s going to completely remodel her character. Maybe see must be completely different in the next picture, I’m curious to see the new version… ^^

I love how  drew Rosalina and Butterscotch, it’s not hot but they are really cute, sexy and expressive, “the idea behind Butterscotch is that she is a little shy. So when Rosalina grabs her, she is a bit surprised” (artist quote again, love this ^^)… So if you want to see more about Butterscotch, Spyglass plan to make a  character reference sheet. So take a look regulaty to Spyglass gallerie… The new Butterscotch version must be really interesting… ^^

Artist: Spyglass  /  Price: Request

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