#157 Special – сейчас я все вам починю

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Maybe I reach 100.000 views, it’s just awesome… I’m realy happy see this but in other hand, 19 followers and less than 30 comments… It cas be better… But thanks for all who visit my blog… I have a chance make this blog famous… XD

So I’m really late, lot of pics waiting and not the time to publish every day… Maybe in 3 days I pass my driving licence so I’m really excited, not sure be able to publish more comments after this… Or maybe if you love mistake in my blog, it must be interesting for you… XD

So today it’s a new drawing by Mazzacho, When I see his first publication in hentaifoundry it was just awesome, the way he draw girl so cute and hot is awesome… His first publication was with a girl named Perie (on the right) with hair style like Rosalina… So when I see the pic, I ask to Mazzacho if he can draw Rosalina for my blog and I see some time after this pic in his gallerie, it’s just so nice… (^o^)/

Maybe I hesitate a long time to cut the pic before publsih it, Rosalina is so beautifull, cute and sexy in this situation, this part is just awesome but on the rifht, there is a… fucking guy… And I’m so jealous… So bad Mazzacho, I love how you draw Rosalina but like the guy and what he say…. Naaaaa… T_T

Maybe I think a lot are curious about the translation, so сейчас я все вам починю = Now I’ll fix you… I hesitate to post the english translation in the title but if you are curious you must read the comment, maybe I’m really nice edit the translation in bold… ;p

Thanks again for your kindness and this so cute Rosalina Mazzacho, I really want to ask you a drawing again, maybe as commission but like your style I must publish a drawing with Rosalina and a girl by you.. And if you like this pic guys, don”t hesitate to take a look to Mazzacho‘s gallerie, not a lot of pics for the moment but his style is really great so he need more support and continue draw a lot… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Mazzacho – Price: Request

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