#420 – Nintendo – Zelda N°8

May started and it will be epic for sure. It’s this month that Mario kart 8 on WiiU will be available (as if it will be at the end of the month), it will also be the theme of the next calendar by Mavruda (coming soon). Can’t wait to receive it and unlock Rosalina… Oh yeah… °w°

I also talked about a special event about the calendar… It’s you who will decied who will be the ladies with Rosalina on June calendar. Untill May 20th everybody will be able to sugegst his favorite lady and I’ll list all of them on a poll for the last 10 days to decided abotu the winner…

Let start and suggest your fav lady here

New event and also new artist on the blog, it seem that Rosalina and Zelda wanted to have some fun together again and this one was made by mmichita living in Peru. I think it’s the first time and artist from this contry participate to the blog and we really feel the power of internet. At start I wan’t sure if I must make the blog in english or french because my poor level but finally I meet so much amazing people… How powerfull…

Mmichita really made a beautifull and sensual illustration, as if there is no background we can imagine it happening in so much place but it always give the same feeling. So beautifull and romantic, Rosalina and Zelda having a long and tender kiss… Really intimate and expresive, mmichita didn’t made just a hot or kinky piece but something where we can really feel love into these two ladies… Just imrpessive… °o°

To be honenst, at start I was a little confused with the fact Rosalian and Zelda are crying and asked mmichita what he really had in mind. I suggested that they give to each other a good bye kiss and feel sad  but I was wong. In fact mmichita said “well, they cry because they are happy to love each other, also they are ashamed :3“, once again it’s the power of love… Awwww…+

I really love mmichita art and I’m sure you also must enjoy his galelry. Lot of gorgeous ladies from beautifull pinup to Sexy Waitress (love this one). Don’t hesitate to take a look to his Deviantart gallery (here) and enjoy this powerfull collection. Feel free to let a nice comment (as if it’s short), mmichita really deserves more fans and support… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: mmichita  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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