#392/393 – January 7th

Happy Birthday to me… (^o^)/

After Rosalina on November 1st it’s my turn to feel older. I didn’t wanted to make a huge post or event like I did for Rosalina birthday but I couldn’t resist… I was really motivated an updated a lot the blog as if yesterday was really sad but now I with you and amazing day everybody… XD

A little gift from my friend Eromanboy who drew thos sooo lovely and adorable Rosalina. He gave me the honnor to participate to the blog several times and this little piece was an amazing surprise… You just an error with the link my friend but I didn’t wanted to change something. I love this piece sooo much… °w°

Other important thing, January wallpaers are done by the amazing Mavruda. Just click on the illustration to see the page and two illustrations (Soft and Hentai). You can use them anywhere you want but I wonder if you were able to put the hentai one on yoru desktop… Mwahahaha…

Also don’t forget to visit the blog and click on buttons intead of just scrool. I’m sure you will have nice surprises. Don’t hesitate to tale a look to the 3rd video (click here) for more infos about the last projects on the blog and win a free illustration by Mavruda with Your dream by… free contest.

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  1. Eromanboy

    Oh noes! And here I though I checked it a few times, but of course I forgot .blogspot T_T I shall fix it right away. Here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29634151/Moeblob.png


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