#568 – Chibi lingerie

Rosalina Nintendo sexy busty big breasts
I have some troubles with the css code of the site, as you can see o the main page all posts are with bold text and can’t remove thay point, tries so much things and sometimes destroyed the site (luckily I made saveral saves) but if someone can give me a hand or know someone who can help me it must be so powerfull. Also must find someone to help me for Patreons avatars, I asked Lunakiri help but tiny illustrations give her some troubles and don’t want to annoy her more with that.
Someone asked me to delete the obligation to be conencted to post a comment so it’s now easier for you and feel free to drop a comment guys. Also must be careful cause brute force login and spam comments are still really important part of the daily activity but I’m careful and will resist… °w°


Now let’s have a powerfull mix into cuteness with chibi look and sexiness sith some sexy lingerie, this combo was made by Zentagas-Rex, I didn’t expected it to be so sexy but can’t deny I love the result. It started with a raffle on Deviantart that people had to make a journal on their own profile promoting Zentagas’s art, you can see my entry here if you are curious and as you can imagine with this post I won the raffle… \(^o^)/
AS I said on my journal, as if Zentagas-Rex‘s sexy girls are the best he can also make so cute and lovely chibis so as reward I asked for a chibi Rosalina. Didn’t expected it end with a sexy look with some lingerie and high heels, that cute embarassed face adding a so lovely touch. For sure Zentagas-Rex really know about my fetishes and I feel so honored he putted them on the illustration. Not so safe as I expected but that version is even more powerfull. What do you think guys?
No the first time Zentagas-Rex take part to my project, he already paired Rosalina with his dangerous assassin OC named Kasatka that you can see on the right. Once again lingerie and high heels that is even more awesome when you know Zentagas-Rex have a huge fetish for berefoot. You can see more on Deviantart and tumblr or HentaiFoundry for uncensored and more spicy pieces… Oh yeah…

Artist: Zentagas-Rex / Cost: 0$ (Raffle)
Tumblr: www.http://mr-zentagas.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.zentagas-rex.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Zentagas/profile

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    Hoooo ! She’s cuuuute !


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