#569 – Picasso pin-up

Rosalina Nintendo sexy pin-up nude luma
Like the queued, time for a trio with Rosalina, Peach and Daisy by Lalox but the problem is that I don’t have this kind of piece he made for the blog. He already drew this 3 princesses together but was for a pack he’s seeling (click the illustration on the right) but the illustration wasn’t made for the blog. I’m sure there is a reason but can’t remember it for now… T_T
Also that’s nice to see there wasn’t any ddos attacks against the site for this week, for sure it make statistics go down but I’m more quiet and can focus more to find new epics artists to help me on this project and show how Rosalina is so wonderfull… Stay turned.


So after the trio, let see who next on the list for this new post. After a sensual duo with Liara that you can see below, OJ is back with her talent and kindness with a sweet Rosalina pin-up she offered me. She wasn’t really happy with the result but must be stupid keep time and efforts hidden, the final piece is also really beautifull. I must admit I’m a little confused with her face, remember me a little Picasso (just a little) but after all he’s now a freaking famous artist and it give an original touch. As if this crazy touch OJ made Rosalina so lovely and sensuel, she keep something really adorable and an innocent touch who made her wonderfull. I hope you also like the result guys… °w°
I really love that pose OJ chosen, a beautifull and sexy pin-up but nothing explicit or provocative who make her more sensuel than exciting, as if I’m a huge pervert can’t deny I also appreciate that kind of combo into cuteness and sexiness. Also can’t miss that so cute Luna, it make it even more pure. A powerfull second illustration but not the last one from OJ, you can already see it visiting her galelry if you are curious or just way it to come on the blog… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: OJ / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

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