#933 – Kagero special Easter toy

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Following the order I receive art, today come April patreon raffle illustration so as you can see it’s not so powerfull and delay a bit too much. This two month delay show the stock I manage to keep for regular updates even if I’m not able getting art from artists for some time, positive thing is I’m not running out of art and negative one is as you can see… Delay… U_u
Also summer here, this week was really hot in Europe (enough to give me an heat stroke) anyway things goes better now. Also after posting this illustration I’m going to Paris until the end of the week for the Japan Expo. I only go on Friday cause really too many peoples and hope it will be fun °w°


This illustration was Tallon’s reward, he suggested “Kagero from fire emblem in her bunny outfit pulling egg beads out of Rosalina for Easter or hiding them in her” and the chosen artist was Garlberts who already contributed twice to the project, you can see all his Rosalina art here if ya curious. My side I only asked Garlberts to give Rosalina a bunny outfit like the reference on the left that I was sure would suit her so perfectly then he was totally free go with the pose he wanted and it already looked really amazing from the first sketch… °w°
While working on the sketch, Garlberts asked if “is it okay if I change the style a bit? I made rosalina a bit softer and cartoony so not so realistic” and it was totally fine, after all each artist have their way to imagine and draw Rosalina with their style so 933 publication later Rosalina is always here but each time with a different and unique look, that’s so powerfull.The only part that looked special to me was the toy Kagero use, looking a bit weird for a pussy toy and Garlberts answered “Lots of pussy toys look weird.Maybe it’s for sharing“… Well… I agree about the weird and like the idea of sharing so sounded good to me, after all makes it too basic is boring ^__^
Unfortunately Garlberts ran out of time so some parts like the heels, eggs or bunny ears are missing some colours (this is totally unacceptable for the heels :p) anyway I’ll still admit he did a great job adding some details like lipstick on Rosalina body and even a messy alternative with many love juice, loving messy it sure was a marvelous surprise when got the final version… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Garlberts / 25$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Garlberts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/GaralbartNSFW
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