#870 – Star Choking

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nintendo mario princess rosalina ecchi hentai bondage rope choking
I (finally) received an answer from patreon about the fact raffle are forbidden, I explaining about my system and they said “As long as each pledge is guaranteed to receive a ticket and patrons are guaranteed to be able to request content at some point, then you may keep the ticketing system“. Positive things are no risk be suspended now and also I got the word I was looking at for so long: ticketing… °w°
Also my brother found the post I made (two months ago) about his accident and goes mad that people can see what he said, he must assume his mistakes so I don’t plan remove what I say and it kinda give me content to write here. Also my mother gave me another photo she allow me to publish so let’s discover more about the car… O_o


And let’s not present you this new illustration made by LightHigari who celebrate his 4th year on deviantart so happy (late) birthday to you. My side I joined a raffle he did a few month ago and had the chance won an illustration, it sure had to be with Rosalina and from the content you can notice LightHigari‘s huge fetish for bondage, result turned a bit too cruel for Rosalina but sure hot… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Being in love with Rosalina I’m not bit fan of the chocking part even if it’s something that can be part of sexual games, I guess I already corrupt her so much with all the NSFW stuff I request for the project but don’t like hurt her so will be more going to rescue her from that scene that enjoy the show. Anyway without that detail there is so many points I love and even more how sexy Rosalina looks with this lingerie, I really love the one LightHigari drew with beautifull lace and a see-through part with a busty touch to increase the sexiness and high heels to make it even more perfect… °w°
There is also a great work on the bondage with the rope moving from her arms to crotch and breasts, must be really dangerous but intense if you fall held that way. also if you are curious that kinda of illustration as commission to LightHigari would cost $8.50(CAD) so pretty cheap, and for $10.00(CAD) you can get cell or soft shading depending your preference. Finally if you love bondage then LightHigari‘s gallery must be heaven for you so don’t miss take a look and take the opportunity share some love and support to this kind artist… ^^

Artist: the-4got10-one / raffle reward ($8.50(CAD) as commission)
Tumblr: www.lovethelight12.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/lighthigari
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/lighthigari
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