#842 – Gigantic breasts Rosalina

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New of the day is my patreon page is temporary suspended because it violates our Community Guidelines, reason is that all illustration even censored is considered as nudity and can’t be show in public. This happen after they edited their new system and rules about adult content.
I was working to fix it and edited manually around 200 posts and now waiting for their answer, problem is “many artists were suspended as me and asking for support for delay is longer than usual. Btw I want thanks all my patrons for their nice answer and support, I hope be able come give you great rewards again soon… °w°


Here come a Solo pin-up Rosalina with special attributes commissioned to BlueUmbra, he did pretty good and naughty Nintendo stuff and I’m happy get Rosalina with his style for the project. Even if was a commission, I love the way BlueUmbra added sponsored” in the watermark, make it looks like a a really strong partnership between a famous artist and huge company and not a commission for an amateur project. I exaggerate a bit for now but who know what can happen in the future, maybe the artist and this project will gain popularity.
Here BlueUmbra did a special illustration since no WIP to show you but two versions on the final illustration with more variations than just clothed/naked, even if I love lingerie the naked version offer us a great view on those giant breasts and also reveal the nipple even bigger than with lingerie. Looking around you can also see the star shaved pussy or different expressions for the Luma and even if I prefer Luma stay pure and not be involved in NSFW pieces, his reaction on the naked version is damn fun. Anyway all those edits are extra work for BlueUmbra so you can see he really did his best, also not the only piece he did with alternative version in his gallery.
If I had to find a negative point, would be just the lateral malleolus on her ankle that looks like spikes so it’s ridiculous (and maybe it’s me being wrong), even more when you see Rosalina’s breasts that way we are more here imagining pervert thing with them than care about anatomy. About the post title “Gigantic breasts Rosalina“, I used the one from BlueUmbra‘s publication on HentaiFoundry, of course Rosalina’s breasts are far to be standard size but maybe not the bigger I saw with this project, anyway it here looks really difference shape that I’m used to see on really large breasts because they aren’t round as usual but elongated maybe even more soft that way… °w°
Two places to visit that both need to login to see the full gallery anyway there is ton of cool and naughty stuff that BlueUmbra posted worth to take he time login or register (even if the tumblr safe-mode is pretty annoying). It’s also great time if you want get something draw for yourself since BlueUmbra lowered his commission prices and is now way more competitive and keep all his skills and naughty style, if you are curious you can check here is commissions prices and guideline then don’t miss it before this link stop working… ^__^

Artist: BlueUmbra / 32$ (~35$) commission
Tumblr: www.blueumbra-nsfw.tumblr.com
HF: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/BlueUmbra/profile
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