#841 – Grab dress and princess curves

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PATREON BONUS: Kitty Rosalina and Mario (SFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi ass butt curves dress
So many talented artistes that were so kind and contributed to my useless project but even doing my best to write great an constructive posts it will never worth all the efforts and talents they putted while drawing Rosalina… Kinda how feel my mind lately, fucking depression mod… U_u
Whatever, publication will continue as usual with mer epic Rosalina art and nice teasers for patreon supporters.


Here come a sexy Rosalina by ForLoveatArt (previously named Ocanya) that gave me some troubles to find since his page under the name Ocanya was deactivated but I feel lucky I was still about find his new profile where you can see the content is lightly different that what you can expect looking at this illustration. Anyway let’s keep talking about the good old times where ForLoveatArt drew this illustration with the idea of Rosalina grabbing her dress to get it tight and show some sexy curves through the dress.
I really admire ForLoveatArt work on the pose and tight effect on the dress, it let appear so perfect curves of her butt and also show the legs with some fold and shiny effect that are stunning. It’s interesting to see there was efforts focused on Rosalina’s back since it’s the part we focus than around as for hairs or the top of the dress looks a bit more sketchy. Anyway there is nothing bad here and I don’t mean the rest of the illustration will be ignored even if Rosalina’s ass is stunning, challenge for ForLoveatArt was also manage a great balance on quality to keep it homogeneous and pleasant to watch (artist have way more skills than you think guys)… °o°
What I would love seeing ForLoveatArt‘s illustration is get another piece following the idea of dress grab and being tight on skin adding a wetlook effect for some wet and see-though parts, too much ideas in mind that I’m not sure I could manage it but who know. Also there is only one detail that bug me in this illustration is the texture on the dressing the miss of the ass like it was blurred or an old painting damaged after many people rub that part, of course I have no idea why people would be rubbing that part more than the rest… ^^’
ForLoveatArt stopped his Ocanya cause “bores me a lot to always draw the same thing and I’m a bit slow at drawing“, it was talking about drawing boobs but don’t forget Rosalina butt man. Then ForLoveatArt started this new page since people are always asking for boobs then upload a good gif was easier and faster, not wrong feeling since he got more watchers in a few months than in 10 years in his previous account. Now content posted on ForLoveatArt‘s page is sure way different but still damn sexy anyway I regret the Ocanya page was deleted and all illustrations disappeared. Still if you are curious you can take a look at his page for the gifs but on the art side this post in the last thing you can find… U_u

Artist: ForLoveatArt / Request
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