#835 – Street Fashion

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nintendo mario princess rosalina street urban style fashion
So guys, I need your opinion about the way I should post on twitter and tumblr, directly in the first sentence with bold so you can’t miss it (nah!). Fact is I was always sharing censored illustration in these places to have people come here to see uncensored version. But finally, it’s better focus on make people come sharing censored or post uncensored to hope for more share and exposure?
For now I decided post uncensored versions and depending your feedback and effects (or not), I’ll see if I should continue that way or get back to my previous method.


Here come a new illustration by Mazzacho and whatever how sketchy is it, no way don’t show lovely Rosalina art. Though, at some level it’s hard get a really basic sketch looking cute so you can imagine there is still long time of work behind this illustration. Can’t tell what Mazzacho exactly had in mind going with this illustration (and whatever, I’m just so honoured and happy more Rosalina), here seems he wanted Manage a more classic and urban look on Rosalina, far to that huge princess dress and the result is pretty cool… Now I have a realistic version of Rosalina I wish even more to met a girl who looks like her (cause unfortunately the real one will still be virtual). ^^’
Anyway here we are far to be too much sketchy, there is many details and work on the pose that Mazzacho managed pretty nicely, I really like the hand on hair, belt, star collar and glasses add a so cute touch, just not so much fan of details visible through hairs like eyes or the glasses but common thing. There is more to come from Mazzacho in the future so stay tuned but you can already take the time visit the pages listed bellow to see more art of this incredible artist. You can discover his still, comment, support, commission him… Now there is no way say there is nothing you can do to spend time on the internet… XD

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