#717 – Tharja's fishnet rule

Ixalon won April patreon raffle that have a special rule for this month, it had to be Easter theme and Rosalina will be with ‘velvet from rwby‘. For now there is the character and suit that were decided but the pose is up to the artist so until I wet a WIP to share with you it’s a mystery… Stay tuned guys… ^^
It’s annoying that people use so many different software to communicate, for a long time the mailbox and skype were perfectly but now I must be on Teamspeack, Mumblr and Discord too to join everybody I need. Why people can’t just satisfy with skype and need go everywhere, each on on their side and we will all lose contact >.<


Here is the 3rd time Rosalina meet Tharja (see all here) and I can’t deny her fishnet outfit have a lot to do with that. Anyway the previous Tharja and Rosalina due was published more than a year ago so when I got the opportunity commission LadyBarbero I asked her to go on that pairing with fishnet as main theme for both ladies outfits.
Compared to the original outfit that don’t cover Tharja’s left leg and the top of her chest,LadyBarbero gave a full fishnet bodysuit but that still work with the theme and work so sexy on her. For Rosalina the fishnet is more light without so much fabric and it’s really on that point you see there is outfits made more for the pervert than useful side. Honestly I don’t see how it can be usefull at all but my pervert side wont complain and I’m so thanksfull to LadyBarbero that accepted draw something too much sexy for D.A..
The only thing I’m still curious and forget to ask to LadyBarbero is about the background, I wonder what this huge sign with cute strawberries mean. I guess it’s to show Rosalina and Tharja better from the background that have colors pretty close to the girls skin and outfit but how abut the strawberries? Maybe this strawberry can be LadyBarbero‘s mascot but can’t find it on her DeviantArt page so there is no clue about it.
I’ll keep you in touch if I have more info about that so stat tuned and don’t missed visit her DeviantArt gallery for cute puppies photos and fanarts to ravishing and sexy pinup. AS you can see with this illustration, she can also work on hentai pieces to explicit for DeviantArt but there is no place she post them. It must be powerfull to have a place like patreon or tumblr where LadyBarbero could post her adult stuff cause I’m sure there is so much marvelous kinky piece we miss that way, that’s not fun… Bwaaaa… T_T

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 10$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090

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