#712 – Patreon update V2.0

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi banner
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult nsfw sexy pinup ecchi

I feel so happy an honored to announce this new design on patreon page with the help of the amazing Mazzacho He’s a really awesome artist, talented designer and powerfull friend that really deserve more popularity due to his level but as long he need, he will always get my support… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
And for a week dedicated to the new design, will come an illustration with patreon exclusive alternative versions that will be available to all members. Anyway I don’t plan have the site as a paywall but at last get something exclusive for my patreon members as thanks for their support on the project.


Mazzacho offered me the opportunity have the patreon page looks even more powerfull with a new banner and cute art to illustrate all tiers with a bit of fantasy. It was also a good way to give a little renew on the blog design with this new banner a year and half after the one made by Suika (see it here). There was various try and design to reach this one and I’m totally addicted to the result, now with a so beautifull design I feel I must continue work hard promoting it and the project, thanks so much Mazzacho.
It was really nice see Mazzacho work on the illustration during his livestreams on picarto, Rosalina pose is based on photo that was really beautifull and he was able turn Rosalina even more ravishing with a sensual touch. And when you think it’s already so incredible and epic Mazzacho continue to amaze us, this time he managed alternatives versions with naked and see-through dress that I love so much as lingerie addict. I must admit I love the sexy version but was thinking there is not adult content warning on patreon, anyway promote the patreon is important so I take the risk post the sexy banner on patreon page (here).
Beautifull illustration and update, I’m really happy with his new post and really thanksfull to Mazzacho that will never stop amaze us if he continue that way, there is also a Victorian dress design for Rosalina that will come soon with the WIP already available for patreon members. I hope you also like it guys and don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him while he stream on picarto and finally give him support and get powerfull rewards on his patreon page. All linked below, no just enjoy the links… ^^

Artist: Mazzacho / Secret cost
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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