#679 – New enemy for Shimakaze

Sometimes I forget my USB key at work and can’t use what I prepared during the day to create the new post, but sometimes I prepare things at home before left with some information, links or idea that I must use and forget save it on the key before leave. wonder what is the most stupid but for sure both aren’t helpfull at all… XD
Also as you can see the previous post that had to be last week-end came this Monday, was really busy and crazy with some pain (but wont tell about that). Anyway I wont use that to cheat and continue plan two posts a week so it mean 3 illustration will be on the blog this week, 2nd now and stay turned for next one this week-end… Oh yeah…


Kantai Collection subtitled as “Combined Fleet Girls Collection and abbreviated as KanColle is at first a Japanese game browser launched on April 2013 and now as manga, anime, PSvita game and soon an animated film, for more you can have a look at the wiki page here that is kinda well made. Currently, the game is only available if connecting with Japanese IP address so proxy is needed but on a fanart side it will need more to stop Alas-Carmesis that created this duo with Rosalina and Shimakaze (originally a Japanese destroyer).
Shimakaze is prepare to battle against heavy sea enemies (destroyers have advantage against huge battleships) but Rosalina made her discover there can be surprises everywhere but Alas-Carmesis has something more kinky in mind for this piece. Shimakaze being abused but a piranha plant tentacles while Rosalina looking at her with a little smile letting the tentacles goes around her leg to give her the same pleasure. Shimakaze is really hot, lot of juice and eyes make it even more intense, also as high heels lover it’s so cool Alas-Carmesis gave her the true heels that are inspired by ship rudder.
On Rosalina side Alas-Carmesis made each part are incredible; from the bottom you can imagine the tentacles slowly moving up around her leg going to abuse of that perfect princess body, on her body it’s so perfect ass and ravishing lingerie and finally her face with a little smile so adorable as naughty for that mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so incredible… °w°
I hope you like his new illustration guys, Alas-Carmesis also drew Maya from KanColle series as reward on his patreon page (here). If you wonder about commission then you must keep an eye on his journals since Alas-Carmesis make some special week with two illustrations for the price of one… No way miss that kind of offer and it’s also why another duo with Rosalina will come soon… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Alas-Carmesis / Cost: 27$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Alascarmesis
Deviantart: www.alas-carmesis.deviantart.com

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