#653 – Taller but sensual

Got some time to work on the gallery page this week-end. This one looks simple but need a hard work. I first need to check, list and edit all posts to list illustration and remove some htlm errors from the migration from blogger to wordpress, next step is to create all previews one by one to have something small and light that will help the page load faster and finally write the html code of the page to regroup everything using short link to help is load faster once again. Don’t miss take a look guys.
Also planned to start a pokemon series next week but there is some illustration that are now waiting for a bit too much assuming it’s not cool for artists so I’ll more focus on that for now still working on the gallery page and present you the new artist of the month.


Back to a solo to focus on that so wonderfull and ravishing princess, here is a lovely pin-up commissioned Dark-Oshigan. Rosalina is a Nintendo princess but taller than Peach and Daisy, it’s kinda the reason she’s as heavy class in mario kart (bit ironical since she have the ability to levitate). We really see her tall body here but still with all that cuteness and sensuality. A point of view from bottom to get a little focus on the legs and also you slowly looks up to discovering all that perfect body and pretty face. I hope the way you guys see Dark-Oshigan‘s illustration make it so awesome as for me… °w°
Also as for the outfit selection is so perfect, a beautifull blue lingerie and high heels that are sooo sexy on Rosalina. Also we can’t miss that see through effect and little pantie Dark-Oshigan gave her but she keep a really pretty and calm face that with the pose get something sensual and dynamic but nothing explicit so we get a mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so powerfull. Crazy thing is that as if I have a huge fetish for high heels and lingerie it’s really Rosalina face that keep all my attention, maybe the way her arms also increase that effect but it’s more the way Rosalina looks at us still so pure and innocent but offering a marvelous view on her princess body. Be sure I’m in love with that illustration, thanks soooo much Dark-Oshigan… \(^o^)/
To see more from Dark-Oshigan, don’t miss visit his Deviantart for many other ravishing and sweet pin-up that can also give you an idea of his style if you are interested into commission him, 20$ for linerart; 25$ for simple color or monochrome and 40$ for a detailed color. Additional character cost 5$ or 10$ for the full color and half body is half price (that’s interesting if you are not so crazy as me with high heels). More content on his Tumblr with more kinky pieces that D.A. would not accept and you can also consider give some support on Patreon. At last never forget a nice comment or constructive feedback are always great way to support artist… Oh yeah…

Artist: Dark-Oshigan / Cost: 25$
Tumblr: www.oshigan.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Oshigan
DeviantArt: www.dark-Oshigan.deviantart.com

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