#644 – Weeting Mikasa

Previous post was kinda late as for the patreon bonus that come with and I’m really sorry about that. Then 4 years since I started this project and never stopped publish each week. For now there is no reason stop the way and lot of wonderfull artists and illustration waiting to come here but I guess get a week off sometimes could be better. Also received some new illustrations and WIP that will be great for blog and patreon bonus don’t don’t miss to visit regularly cause there is many surprises waiting for you guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Also got an idea but that will be a NSFW 6 characters illustration with some young and tiny (but so cute) characters so need to figure an artist that can work on it but with a price that can still give me some hope for my budget health. Feel free if you know some great artists that can help me. Thanks guys.


After a hot duo with Sice from Final fantasy that you can see here, HippoNova and her badass style are back after a long wait. This time Rosalina meet Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on titan, another ravishing but strong lady that wont have to fight this time and just offer her body to Rosalina that know how to relax her after a hard day fighting. it’s HippoNova that chosen about the pairing and must say that a powerfull combo mixing with her style, the only obligation was to give Rosalina those high heels I love so much. °w°
This illustration give an amazing feeling; HippoNova was able make both looks really strong and sexy, both really wet with a lot of love juice running on Misaka legs so they both must be really excited but looking at the head they aren’t like just kinky slut. Looking to each other in a passionate and sensual way make it so romantic. Rosalina slowly moving, her soft and generous breasts pressing on Misaka one while both mouth getting closer for a long and sensual kiss. Rosalina hand exploring her friend body and fingers starting to tease then slipping and rhythmically moving inside that wet pussy to offer even more pleasure. It goes hard or more sensual and erotic but it’s what inspire me this illustration and make me think HippoNova really did something epic.
For sure with a so incredible style this one can’t be the last from HippoNova, I’m thinking commission her Rosalina with Tatsumaki or Fubuki from One Punch Man (or why not all together). Then for now don’t mix take a look are her so huge and impressive Deviantart gallery (here) and why not think to commission her too. Prices are 5$ for one character and 10$ a duo with background included so it’s hard to figure a better rate at this time. If the blog get more power I must hire her for many more badass and damn sexy Rosalina… *o*

Artist: HippoNova / Cost: 10$

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