#640 – Rosalina have preoccupations

Was Bastille Day in France and as all year I was with family looking at fireworks (it’s so cool that only once a year isn’t enough) butt wasn’t a wonderfull day for the country. I’m sure most of you heard about the attack by a crazy refrigerated truck driven down a pavement in Nice and made at least 84 people killed. Security was really increased for this day but it’s impossible to be totally safe and prevent from that kind of event.
No one can imagine that kind of attack with a truck going on the crowd and also kinda hard stop him. Then there is no way to change what happen and not good stay depressive and iffy cause it’s what they expect doing that shit as if we still don’t really know why this attack. O_o


Then for today let’s have a simple but sweet illustration from Midolina, I met her on a minecraft server that I’m still playing on and talking with friends she told us she also draw a little during her free time. You can be sure was hard for me to resist ask her if she accept draw Rosalina and since there is this post. Midolina is for now a beginner that don’t really deal with ecchi and hentai so it had to be something safe and simple. I received a little headshot and must admit it looks really lovely… °w°
Really love that kind of sketch with a little color, it add a really nice effect especially on the pupil for an even more intense expression. Then this time Midolina didn’t worked on a happy or amused Rosalina but chosen a preoccupied expression for that sweet princess. As protector of the galaxy and all her innocent Lumas she have to be careful cause it’s note a quiet job.
Simple, pure and lovely, Rosalina is so ravishing as always and this expression make an original piece still really close to the original character story and fate that will never end compared to a classic story. I hope you like it too guys, and if you wish for something a bit more explicit you still have the patreon bonus… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Midolina / Cost: 0$ (request)
No link to share for now, waiting the artist to create his profile

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