#636 – Pure princess

I’ll go at Japan Expo con in Paris from July 7th to 9th, wonder if somebody else also got the opportunity. At this time I’m working on the racket for the Rosalina tennis suit, bought a cheap one but have to redo all the stick before start painting, then will come the medallion and prepare everything. 3 days at con during which I’ll wear 3 different Rosalina (of course) cosplay; Classic dress, Tennis suit and last one is secret for now… ^^
Was going on the town to get some materials, on a way I found everything I need but also forgot my credit card so I’ll have to go again. Will be fast since I know where to find them but lost a day. I’ll still have a huge problem with the wig cause since years it really need a redo but I don’t have hairdressing skills and Rosalina hairstyle is really badass so I wont be able make something enough good.. .T_T


One more time let’s enjoy that wonderfull mix into cuteness and sexiness made by PaladinoM that offered me a so lovely Rosalina. An adorable looks, perfect body and bit on lingerie that work perfectly together. PaladinoM was able keep Rosalina so sweet and innocent that way like a cute teen posing for the first time.
Colors and shadings are also a really cool part of the illustration, a first it can looks a bit sketchy but there is a lot of light effect and we see PaladinoM worked hard on this illustration. Another interesting detail is the difference into hair with strong black lines and the rest of the body lineless. Not sure about the exact reason but it’s powerfull cause as if we start focus on Rosalina body those hairs caught your attention making you looks all around and then see that cute princess face looking at you. she’s so adorable thanks so much PaladinoM… \(^o^)/
Also can’t forget that cute Luma, nice reference to Rosalina and also great have the part with her belly kinda empty it add a cute and bit funny touch to the illustration, Awwww. Writing this post and looking at PaladinoM’s gallery I cant deny he really increased his level and there is some marvelous publications. A so cute bear girl or so sexy lady in lingerie don’t miss to have a look and give him some support. ^^

Artist: PaladinoM / Cost: 0$ (request)
DeviantArt: www.haarmades.deviantart.com

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  1. Sacci

    I hope you have a good time at Japan Expo. Safe travels! 😀
    Eee, what an adorable picture of Rosalina and a Luma. X3 There’s a sense of fun and lightness.


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