#602 – Lumas discover Nananthea sweetness

With full time job I had to manage the project at work, working in a huge company you can be sure sites like HentaiFoundry are blocked but I had still access to deviantart to find artist on that place until this week. Now they added deviantart on the internet blacklist. I have no way to find and contact artists during the day and wifi was also updated and the tablet lost access to internet. Now days will be so boring… T_T
Also as I told you, due to personal issues Lunakiri lost access to internet, and can’t say if she’ll be back during March, but should be able to for April if things go right. also recently received a sketch she made about her next duo with Rosalina that is available for patrons members, feel free to take a look.


Now a new lady that meet Rosalina a sexy OC demon named Nananthea created by Taroni. He accepted contribute to the project pairing Rosalina with Nananthea and I love the result. I agree it’s not an illustration with so many details, huge background and shadings effects but the idea and feeling that offer the illustration is even more important. This mix into cuteness and sexiness Taroni was able to show is this illustration is so powerfull, he sure have potential and I hope you also like the result guys.
I really love how Nananthea looks so cute and adorable in this illustration, Rosalina is also a really pure and innocent princess but with Nananthea I must admit she looks more kinky than her little friend. Taroni. drew both naked but nothing exaggerated or so explicit so they keep something lovely and ravishing. Those Lumas are in love and I’m also addicted to this duo, Taroni did an awesome job, that’s so much… \(^o^)/
Taroni made another duo that will be published soon (stay turned), also if you want to see more feel free to take a look at his Deviantart account for so many cool illustration and also to discover his other OC. There is another dragon lady named Soliva that look so cool with her friend Nananthea or Peri that have the ability turn her arms and legs into slime so if you are into kinky girl, tentacles and slime she have everything you need… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Taroni / Cost: request

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