#558 – Alternative princess

Received so many comments this week but all are from spammers who want to share some weird commetns and links (more than 20 are from the same idiot), be sure they don’t appear on the blog and I’m careful with this so nothing dangerous on the blog. Just wonder what the objective of those stupid spammers but at last there is some activity on the site… Eh eh… ^^
Also love those bad days who make you lost your motivation, sorry for the late post guys…


Today it’s time to discover Spazer86 art and power. I discovered him on Deviantart just in time to join his livestream and it was awesome, he have a really cool and original style but also an interesting way to draw really different than traditional lines techniques you can see in general. You can find him on several places like Deviantart (here), Tumblr (here) for all adult stuff and be sure to follow him on Picarto (here)Picarto (here) to get a change join his next livestream and discover a really cool man. There is other places for more content, all are listed on the botom.
Spazer86 gave me the honor to take part of the project and draw that so beautifull and wonderfull princess, in fact not the first Rosalina illustration he made but previous is kinda old and he prefer keep it as secret (wasn’t able to get it U_u) but since this piece Spazer86 really increased his style and that new pin-up is gorgeous. So beautifull, so sexy I love so much the result… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Other unexpected surprise, cause more than a singgle illustration I get 3 versions from Spazer86: clothes, lingerie and naked. Also during the livestream it was really interesting see him work on the illustration, like the painting techniques really need to be concentrated and a good visualisation or you are lost, thta’s impressive. I also have a huge fetish for lingerie (clothes really give a magical touch to a lady), it was a huge challenge for Spazer86 and also a success, that suit is so sexy… °w°
Once again thanks so much Spazer86 for your kindness and this aweosme series, Rosalina in lingerie is the best but with your style she have a style more adult and realistic who make her even more real as a true woman…I hope you like it guys and don’t miss to visit Spazer86 on other places more more aweosme and kinky stuff, beut there is also more sweet illustrations for sure.

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