#524 – Another sweet pinup

I was talking with Adam-00 about translators, I’m sure you know it’s not the best to translate full sentence if you don’t want something weird at the end but I learned it’s completely useless with hungarian. It use lot of affixes/suffixes who depend on the relation of the word and online translators aren’t able to manage this.
To give you an idea how it’s complex, “For example, the word “water” is “víz” in hungarian. BUT there are different forms in different situations, like: vizet, vízből, vízhez, vízbe, víznek, vizes, vizesek, vizek, vizem, vized, vize, vizei, vizeink, vizeitek, (even combined) vizeitekhez, vizeitekből, vizünkbe, vizünktől, vizeikbe… etc.)“. Luckily for me Adam-00 speak english.. ^^


Now time to present you this so lovely and sweet Rosalina pin-up. I received it as request from the wonderfull Rennis05, don’t hesitate to take a look to his profile cause he have a so cool and crazy avatar as amazing gallery full of damn lovely and sexy pin-up. Albeit, no one is more powerfull as me than the Rosalina illustration that Rennis05 made but you know my opinion is kinda corrupted by that gorgeous princess… °w°
I love lingerie and high heels so for this point Rennis05 made a perfect Rosalina, also love the pose and pillar, she looks like a goddess in that way. The only negative point as me is with the background, make the bottom darker to suggest floor is a good idea but it also looks a little special in my opinion, make a real floor must be the best opinion and we can say it happen on Rosalina’s observatory. But the more important is really Rosalina and she looks wonderfull, thanks so much Rennis05… \(^o^)/
Last detail, nothing really important but as if it’s the 105th solo illustration published on the blog, this one by Rennis05is the 100th I received (yeah, some troubles with publication order). I hope you like it guys and once again, feel free to visit Rennis05’s profile for more illustration and why not ask him about commissions. They are open and price is really interesting so why not let him make you dream (kinky or not) come true.

Artist: Rennis05 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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