#523 – Do you love redhair girls?

After that problem with photo album on google who blocked all illustration on the blog, I noticed another curious detail when I was on my google+ page. There is nothing here, just a few useless posts but if you look at the screen on the right I have more than 7.000.000 views on it…. That’s crazy… O_o
For sure it’s looks so powerfull and amazing (still have trouble believe it can be possible) but those views are not for the blog, that’s a bad point…


Totay here is a new illustration, lady and artist for the blog. It’s the wonderfull Adam-00 who gave me the honor to participate to my blog, at first I wanted to commission him an illustration with Rosalina and this redhair girl but Adam-00 answered that he will do it for free… How powerfull…
About this sweet girl lady, her name is Zsófia Ghillány (add to ask Adam-00 to write it since I can’t make a ó with french keyboard). At first here is more about her: “she is a supportive character, with an influential grandfather. She has an introverted personality, that was the result of her face-blindness disorder. I know, without the detailed story it doesn’t make much sense (even with the whole story, I’m uncertain)“. Also if you wonder she have 18 years old, better to include her on a hentai comic.
And now come the second part about Zsófi, I discovered her on  Adam-00‘s comic named dae (Daredoers Aquapark Edition), some friend spending some times together and it finally turn really hot but wont say more, just take a look to Adam-00’s profile and enjoy this comic. Some really sexy ladies on it but Zsófi is really my favorite and I have her with Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I hope you like this illustration guys, Adam-00 really made a wonderfull job with this one. Rosalina is so beautifull and lovely as sexy with this lingerie suit (love that kind of clothes), that suit is marvelous and Zsófi is so sexy too with a mystery touch, also love her pose. Once again, thanks sooo much Adam-00.

Artist: Adam-00 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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