#284 – Swimming pool

I noticed than the wishlist is not completly finished, I have to finish it soo and after that it will be time to really think about what I can add to make the blog more powerfull and interesting, maybe a bonus page… Open for suggestions… ^^

So a new drawing bu Paccu who wait since october 2012 to be published here, I agree it’s a ridiculously long time, it’s not the first time I let an artist wait so long to see his art on the blog and I’m not happy about that, thanks so much for your kindness and patience Paccu

A agree a little sexy with this bikini but the pose and Rosalina body are not really suggestive, she’s just beautifull… Sooo beautifull. After a first drawing with Rosalina and Miku from Vocaloid (see it here), Paccu decided to let Rosalina relax a little enjoying the pool and some music… Rosalina is really lucky because like the actual weather in France it’s not really the moment for swiming pool… XD

There is a detail I didn’t asked to Paccu and finally I need you help guys because in the description Paccu say “Rosalina+pureview for my friend’s blog” but with google I only have a phone by sony… I think it’s the inflatable mattress or maybe it’s just for “pure view”, I need your knowledge guys… Maybe it’s a stupid question but I prefer that instead of stay stupid and finally always have doubts… ^^


  1. Anonymous

    a cosplay bonus page? pictures of rosalina dressed as other characters

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      That sound interesting, and the other girl dressed as Rosalina ?

    2. Anonymous

      sure swap clothes originaly I thought of solo but this is roaslinaxgirl


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