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#752 – Unofficial meeting with Rapunzel

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After a month to vote the Misty dress-up poll is close, the naked version was hardly defeated but I keep in mind your interest for this one. According to the actual vote Misty will wear her golden outfit from the first season of pokemon anime but that’s not all. There will have 5 versions draw and coming as patreon exclusive reward, anyway this will need time so the post will be release on September, stay tuned guys.

Also got a new kind and pervert Canadian artist that contributed to the project, he’s pretty excited to see his illustrations posted here but cause the queued and other artists waiting he must wait a bit, be sure I don’t like say that to artists anyway… T_T


Now let me present a new illustration by Paloma that both made exclusive illustration and patreon raffle reward for August so no time to rest for that marvelous artist. About patreon raffle, this month winner is Tallon who asked a duo with Rosalina and Gogo from Big hero 6, no poes or outfit specifications so they are up to Paloma, I hope I’ll get a wip soon to show you so stay tuned…. °w°

As for today illustration, Rosalina meet Rapunzel based on the illustration in the left, I really love that suit being so ravishign and bit sexy with the see-through part and Paloma accepting work on this idea and amaze us one more time with her style. I must admit for me that love detailed and realistic it took me some time to really be use to the blurred touch that is part of Paloma style but add a more romantic and sensual effect, the scene being more mysterious and intimate that way with a sweet romance between both princesses.

I really love the romantic side on this illustration, Paloma sure did an awesome job as if I must admit I’m a little sad she Rosalina arm was moved from the sketch and cover Rapunzel breast, the thigh and see-trough effect was really magic the way it appeared even on the wip so not fun Paloma made this part covered. I guess the reason was to get the pose looks right and like the actual level she sure know what she do, and my side I4ll sure get other opportunity get sexy suits… Oh yeah… ^^’

I hope you enjoy this new illustration and for all patreon supporter that will enjoy the HD uncensored version I want to give a big thanks for your support to the project. Now I have to do my best to have you enjoy the content you get as reward and stay (business rules). Anyway don’t miss discover about Paloma‘s art and drop a little comment or even ask for a commission, she’s kind, talented and dedicated, now only your support is missing… °w°

Artist: PalomaGouthier / Cost: 120$
Website: www.artsofpaloma.com
Tumblr: www.artsofpaloma.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/artsofpaloma
Deviantart: www.PalomaGouthier.deviantart.com
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#746 – Transparent is magic



princess rosalina Nintendo hentai sexy fetish latex rubber transparent pinup

I was working on fixing some issues on wordpress and cleaning a the database, anyway I must admit at some points if was like you delete folders and check the blog… There was many crash and error before finally working (yeah) but I hope it wont break wordpress and also noticed the blog is way too huge for a standard export so this part will be complex too. Anyway I’ll never stop fight to keep the Rosalina x Girl project alive… °w°

And today I officially own my future apartment as if for now it looks more like a huge hole in the floor than a nice building. I must admit I don’t worry to much that I still have a year to wait until I can move from the actual living room I live. Just like how hard it’s to keep a job, I hope this 22 years long credit will be fine… O_o


I was contacted on deviantart by Paloma that asked me if I was still looking for commissions, looking at her portfolio I was really impressive but the style like a mix of shiny and realistic. I was sure interested and even more after see that sexy duo she did (on the left), being so ravishing and sensual but also really sexy I sure wanted that with Rosalina and it started. Here is the first of 3 Rosalina illustrations actually made by Paloma and I’ll sure manage more with that talented and lovely artist.

The best when you commission an artist is look at his actual gallery to suggest something that will fit his style, my side I must admit I goes a little crazy asking Paloma to draw Rosalina with some kind of transparent latex suit that I found and love sooo much that I wasn’t able resist submit it. AS if she was able to decline the idea, Paloma accepted this outfit challenge and sent me a really promising wip; cute face, sexy suit and finally hand/crown already here, what else I can ask?

And there is something else I asked (sounds like I’m a bastard), cause my fetishes I wasn’t able resist ask Paloma for high heels as you can see and once again she did her best to figure it. When received the final version, I was sure amazing by the result but also surprised and disturbed by the general blurred effect. I wasn’t use to have this part of the artist style and asked Paloma if she can mage something less blurred then she did her best to make the second version you see. Anyway I hope you like it guys, Rosalina get that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness I was hoping when started this commission and the shiny neon style background is also a great surprise… °w°

This illustration was a powerfull surprise and Paloma was really dedicated to do her best all the time (thanks so much), it’s a reason I wanted continue with her and there is more coming but be sure have a look at her gallery for more amazing piece or get a commission slot on her deviantart or patreon (linked below). About patreon there is a last thing I want to announce, it’s Paloma that I chosen to work on August patreon raffle so still time to come and get a ticket… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PalomaGouthier / Cost: 60$
Website: www.artsofpaloma.com
Tumblr: www.artsofpaloma.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/artsofpaloma
Deviantart: www.PalomaGouthier.deviantart.com

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