#054 – Chobits – Chii

I play animal crossing since it was available but I have just gone to the islandwith random peoples find on internet. I’m a guys but you can be sure I ceated a character close to Rosalina and let people think I’m a girl too. It was a fun moment and when it was time to share Friendcodes there was four girls in the island and four men behind their 3DS… Mwahahaha

By the way don’t hesitate to let a message if you want my friendcodes or visit my city.


After two solo illustration Rosalina finally decided to meet a new girl, and one I really love commissioned to the great and pleasant artist MegaLinx. I found in his gallery a beautifull masked Rosalina (illustration on the right). It was a little curious to see a Rosalina illustration “based on the movie “The Mask”… O_o

Curious or not, I have to admit that MegaLinx have a really nice style and drew a beautifull Rosalina, pose and dress are amazing (just a little error with the hair lock than so much artists do) so I asked him if he accept to participate to the blog and I finally commissioned a cute Rosalina and Chii drawing… °w°

Chii is a really lovely and adorable girl, she’s the first girl from Clamp I discovered and still my favorite from this author (the last episode of the manga is amazing). That’s so powerfull to see her with Rosalina and I must admit that MegaLinx did an excellent job, they are freaking adorable and I love these outfits. It’s beautifull, tender. with a lolita touch… Clothes can give a magical touch to a woman but for a characters like Rosalina it’s not easy to draw her with a different outfit keeping her personallity. Rosalina is still so adorable and lovely, MegaLinx drew her perfectly (and hair are correct). I hope you like it guys… (^o^)/

If you take a look to MegaLinx‘s gallery you will see a lot of  illustrations in reference to “The Mask” so if you love the movie don’t hesitate to take a look to his profile. MegaLinx accept request (when it’s open) and also commissions. You can be sure he have a great style and accept to create different images of the pattern of his gallery so don’t hesitate to share your dreams with him, I’m sure you wont be disapointed… XD

Artist: MegaLinx / Cost: 14$

Added to wishlist: Nami from League of Legends (see it here)

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