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#246bis – Solo – Horny Christmas Rosalina Update (FUTA!!!)

I said in the previous post than Yoh-SL made 5 versions of the Naughty rosalina and it’s done… So there is 3 new illustrations with Rosalina as Futa… One more “normal” and other where she play with two ball beads, one from each end and of course a Christmas version… First time I see penetration like this with a Candy cane… And hum… Not sure I’ll try… XD

Hope you like it guys and thanks again to Yoh-SL for this awesome series…. (^o^)/

Artist: Yoh-SL  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

#246 – Solo – Horny Christmas Rosalina

I am sorry for the artists who already drew Rosalina and wait until their drawing is published in the blog but I received recently some illustrations for christmas and I think you understand it’s the best day to show these… Today it’s Rosalina by Yoh-SL and for December 25th it will be an awesome little comic asked by Tallon… For me… (^o^)/

I was a little septic about christmas and not sure I’ll have some drawings to celebrate this event but finally this year will be epic… A huge thanks to Yoh-SL who contribute with his naughty Rosalina… There is some versions of this drawing, an other more normal…  Little quote: ” I did the Xmas version because it’s just that time of year and this was what I was working on at the time

I really love the Christmas version, sincerely I saw some artworks where girls having some pleasure with a candy like this one and had the idea to ask this if I found an artist for a christmas Rosalina, after the really lovely I received from Tallon (see the drawing here) this time Rosalina is really horny… Hope you like it guys… ^^

When I asked to Yoh-SL if he can draw Rosalina as commission or request, he said he could do something but the best case scenario is that he could get to it in January.. And finally I received some notifications from his new publications and when I saw it… Just incredible… Thanks so much Yoh-SL

Yoh-SL say in the description than with futa and christmas versions there will be 5 pieces… For the moment only these two are published in Yoh-SL‘s gallery but I’ll make some update if something new appear… Oh yeah… XD

Last thing, I noticed in Yoh-SL description than to be fair he didn’t ask what I wanted him to do and he hadn’t yet intended to do it… Sincerely I always say to artists than the more important as me is they have fun make the drawing and for a request are always free to draw what they love and have fun made the drawing…  Though I often ask to artist that I love lingerie and high heels and Rosalina have some lingerie here soit’s just perfec… perfect… (^o^)/

Artist: Yoh-SL  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)