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#108/109 – Wolfman (2 pics)

Continue with the non-girl serie but a really nice drawings with Rosalina and a werewolf. Like kreukz, this wolf is inpired by Twilight (what else)… I’m not really a fan of twilight characters but with Rosalina, it’s different… ;p

These two pics were commissioned to kreukz who have a really nice style and say me he do 2,8$ commissions and at this price, I must ask him a lot of drawings… There is these two first, an other with Morrigan will come soon and I don”t think it’s the end… ^^

Just one thing bad with kreukz, he’s really fast to drawn, so he do these two wolf whereas I ask for a girl with Rosalina and for the drawing with Morrigan, he drawn it without say me anything… they are nice drawings but this time the artist do everything, I payed him for these drawings but it kreukz who drawn all and I don’t have time to say anything… Must be carrefull next time… ^^

So I’m a little disapointed can’t give anything with these two commission but I’m pretty happy with the result, the one with Rosalina squirting is so hot and really awesome… I love Rosalina face and position, she’s so cute and sexy like that… Good job kreukz… ^^

Artist: kreukz  /  Price: 2 x 2,8$