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#709 – Weiss attraction

Lately I have troubles with the publications order and not always follow the schedule or what announced at the end of the post (does anybody care about it anyway?). There is some illustrations coming that I have to post quickly and other that are not ready in time, the publication that was planned for today will come next week with a big update to patreon page and be sure that will be epic… \(^o^)/
And seem Spring is coming in France with a wonderfull weather this week-end explaining the post being a bit late (does I said I also forget USB key at work?). Anyway it also make me think it would be nice prepare something Easter related for the project. Sweet or kinky that will be a surprise so stay tuned… ^^’


Another new artist entering the project pairing Rosalina with Weiss from RWBY series (that simply pronounce as “ruby”) and created by Facundoakira that sure have talent but don’t feel enough confident to admit it (you really are awesome man). Some sexy ladies with so perfect curves or sensual lingerie in his gallery (here) made me totally addicted and I asked Facundoakira to participate to the project and as if he don’t have many free time he accepted… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/
I suggested Rosalina with Weiss from RWBY holding the princess against a wall with a hand going under Rosalina head giving her a long and warm kiss[…] and after that come the more interesting part. Facundoakira accepted the idea and told me to wait for a sketch then sent me a message a few days later telling me ‘You can change or choose by yourself the clothes for them‘ but all are so wonderfull and badass, how I can ask something else Facundoakira when seeing epic pose that I dream have all of them done?

Choose just one pose was huge challenge, I asked some friend their opinion and favorite but each one had a different selection, that sure not helpfull but show there is always a pose in this sketch series people must love and that’s really powerfull, then it was time for a decision and I goes with the pose #6 askign to fix. Facundoakira really made something so awesome as the final illustration itself with this sketch series and I really wanted to show it to you. With pose is your favorite guys?
I noticed I missed that Rosalina hair lock was in the wrong side but Facundoakira fixed it but without reverse the illustration as I expected, Rosalina face goes covered by hair but romantic kiss keep it really intense and sensual. Adding some lingerie and the result is totally addictive, also many other details as the saliva, Weiss hand on Rosalina breast for even more sensual touch and her leg going between her legs rubbing Rosalina pantie for a kinky touch this time. You can see even more on Weiss Facundoakira’s gallery (here) and don’t miss give him a nice comment or some support as he deserve and tell him how he’s epic… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Facundoakira / Request

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